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Lionel Walker

Register Secretary Lionel and his Wife Gael

Having been introduced to Jaguars by helping to rebuild my brother Adrian’s XK120 roadster, I decided to graduate to an XK myself.

So in July 1963 I started looking. Later in the month two XK140 roadsters came up for sale in the Herald. I purchased the better conditioned of the two, it being fitted with disc wheels and an aluminium hardtop and sporting AXK140 number plates.

At that time I did not know that the car was first registered in 1955, being one of only four roadsters brought into Australia by Bryson Industries - and one of only 73 right hand drive roadsters ever built by Jaguar.The first Jaguar club event I attended was a display day held in the Channel 10 car park at Nth Ryde in 1967. In June 1969 I joined the JDCA and was a founding member of a group of XK owners who got together at Ian Hutchinson’s Croydon house in 1969 to form the first XK Register of which Ian was the first Register Secretary. I took over as XK Register secretary when he became Vice President.

During 1970’s, I was Treasurer and then Sporting Secretary – the wheel has turned a full circle after 35 years.

With the XK140, I won the XK class in the 1972 National Jaguar Concourse and went on to win the XK class again in 1973 and 1974. I also won the XK class in the NSW Jaguar Driver Club Concourse in 1973 and 1974.

Throughout this time I competed regularly with XK140 in lap dashes at Amaroo and Oran Park, motorkhanas, hill climbs at Silverdale, Bathurst, Lithgow and Amaroo, the Flying 1/5 at Bathurst and even Castlereagh Drag Strip, continuing right through to 1987. In 1983, I won my class year in the CSCA competition having won each Class Round at all events, lapdashes at Amaroo Park, Oran Park, Amaroo dirt circuit, hill climbs at Silverdale, Bathurst and Amaroo. In 1984 I won my class (Group D 3001-4000) at the Fairbairn Hill climb near Queanbeyan and this record still stands for the old track in Marque Sports Cars.

Early in 2011 we completed a full restoration and in April 2011 came second in the d’Etat division of the National Concourse in Canberra and later in the year we won the 2011 NSW Concourse d’Etat Division. It was an unique occasion as this XK is the first Jaguar ever to have won a concourse 39 years apart (1972-2011).

During this time I bought the British racing Green MK2 that Kevin Anker built for the new Appendix J category in 1981. My first race meeting was at Lakeside, Queensland in 1987 where I came second outright in the Division 2 race and I had my first Bathurst drive in 1993 where I came 10th outright and have since raced there four times. After an accident at Bathurst in 1994, I repainted the car to its current colours of red and gold,

I have had the opportunity to have raced the car at Lakeside, Amaroo Park, Oran Park, Wakefield Park, all the Eastern Creek circuits, Bathurst, Sandown and Phillip Island. Of those Bathurst and Phillip Island are the stand out circuits.

Lionel Walker

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