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The Registers

Jaguar is a marque that has existed since the late 1920s, initially under the SS banner, then owing to World War 2 changed it's name to Jaguar, they have produced an astonishingly large number of different body, chassis and engine styles.

The early robust pushrod motors were replaced post-war by the magnificent double overhead cam motor which eventually expanded in capacity and then in number of cylinders, to be finally replaced in the 1990’s. At the same time, body shapes broadened to include sportscars, gracious sports saloons and even a range of compact sports saloons.

Recognising the synergy between various models, all Jaguar cars can be categorised into “registers” where models with great similarities are grouped together (for Club purposes). Each register is co-ordinated by a Register Secretary.

These registers are listed below. By clicking on an individual register box you will be able to gain information on any register and be introduced to the Register Secretary who is keen to help you with any enquiries

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