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Jaguar XK screw jack kit

Jaguar XK screw jack kit

A new, unused item with absolutely no signs of wear. Not in original packaging.

$35 postage within Australia or local pick up at Annandale, NSW.

$390 + postage

ph: | m: 0413 444 865


Wheels for sale

Wheels for sale, $60 each o.n.o. Call Joy 0418  264 088.

$60 each ono

ph: | m: 0418 264088


Jaguar XK120 Parts

1. Four 600 x16 Dunlop Racing tyres, display use only so virtually as new. $900.

2. XK120 racing bonnet. Bought many years ago from the late Bob Carnachan who was Mr XK on the West Coast of the USA. Cooling flutes cut into the bonnet so not for the concours freak. $3000.

Refer to list

ph: | m: 0408 215 404


Various Jaguar items for sale

Genuine Jaguar spare parts collected over the years by a now elderly gentleman needing to find homes for his collection.

  • 4 x Mk Jaguar Mk 2 tool kits. (See photo of tools). Two tool kits have 80% of tools and the third only has some. All are black in colour, all tool kits have some surface rust and only one does not need reglueing. Happy to sell the most complete toolkit for $350, or you are invited make offers for items to complete your existing toolkit.
  • 1 x wheel brace $10
  • 4 x Mk 2 hub caps. Would benefit from re-chroming. $200. (see photo)
  • 2 x XJ6 hub caps one with badge missing $50
  • 1 x Lucas adjustable rear-view mirror $50 (see photo)
  • 1 x Washer bottle. 2 pin connection. $200 (see photo)
  • 1 x Jaguar bonnet emblem $60
  • Mk 2  body parts- doors, boot lids, bonnets and bumpers - most with some rust. 

Contact us and we send photos of what we have.
Contact Pip O'Neill mob: 0421746734, or Michael Hough mob: 0418 424 748

Refer to list

ph: | m: 0421 746 734 or 0418 424 748 


Tool kits for sale

I have the following tool kits for sale:-
  • Tool Box and tools for a 240G, also handbook in pouch - $700
  • Tool Box and tools for an original S Type  - $800
  • Tool Roll and some tools for XJ6 Series 2  - $200
  • Spare open end spanners for XJ6 Series 2  - $10 each
  • Small Shifter - $20

Please contact Geoff on email (preferred): or mobile: 0438255627 for pictures and details.

Refer to list

ph: | m: 0438 255 627


Lost Jaguar Hub Cap

I have received a message from a "concerned citizen" advising about this lost hub cap.

"Hi, If any of your members have lost a Jag hubcap (see photo attached) it’s outside 1742 Pittwater Rd, Bayview (opposite Loquat Valley school. I imagine these are not easy to come by so would be sorely missed by owner."


No contact
ph: | m:  


Potpourri of parts for sale

After half a century having a wonderful time with memorable cars, I've had to hand in my licence because of an inherited disease. Years ago, when I had a 3.8 litre Jaguar Mark 2 and a pair of V8 Daimler sedans, I went on a holiday to Britain and came home with a couple of suitcases packed with useful bits and pieces for the trio. But a few months later, I was seduced by a manual-transmission Jaguar XJC, so the others had to be sold. The following list are the contents of two and a half cartons, and almost all items have never been used.

A pair of right-hand-drive sunvisors, trimmed in correct grey cloth, with chromed swivels

A new, old-stock Lucas glass-jar windscreen washer

Two new, old-stock Lucas toggle windscreen-wiper switches

Another, not yet identified, Lucas toggle switch

A new, old-stock Jaguar rev counter

A Jaguar Mark 2/Daimler V8 horn ring

A set of Daimler chrome knock-off hubs

A reproduction "Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook" for a 3.8-litre Mark 2 (The covers have some scuffs and bumps, but the pages are intact and the wonderfully detailed maintenance chart is in mint condition)

A Jaguar Mark 2 or Daimler V8 reproduction steering column cowl (upper half)

A Jaguar Mark 2 or Daimler reproduction steering column cowl (lower half)

Another cowl lower half (but this one is a genuine old-stock item)

A mint locking fuel cap for a Jaguar Mark 2 or V8 Daimler

A pair of sunvisor swivels to suit a Jaguar Mark 2 or V8 Daimler

A mint reproduction horn ring to suit a Jaguar Mark 2 or V8 Daimler

Another mint locking fuel cap for a Jaguar Mark 2 or V8 Daimler

A small bag of various Jaguar/Daimler dashboard toggle switches

An original, unused Lucas RB-340 voltage regulator (It suits both Jaguar Mark 2 and Daimler V8)

Two chromed, '60s-style racing rear-view mirrors

A pair of unused black, old-style, non-retracting seat belts (not as convenient, but look the part)

A mint, unused pair of Lucas Fog Ranger driving lights

A 1960s-style high-output coil

Another pair of Jaguar Mark 2 or Daimler V8 sun-visor swivels

Two sets of seat belts: one the then-new, inertia-reel type, the other older static type. Both are still in their original boxes, unused

The brake bleeder from a Jaguar/Daimler tool kit

Two brand-new mounting plates for the fog lights of a Jaguar Mark 2 or Daimler V8

A 1960s HMV Little Nipper "transistor powered" (Wow!) car radio in nice condition

A 1960s Astor "Diamond Dot" car radio, also in nice nick

A 1960s AWA Pressmatic car radio in superb condition (Fit for a Jaguar!)

Two Jaguar Mark 2/Daimler V8 screen washer toggle switches (still in their original plastic bags)

An unused pair of chrome tailpipes for a Jaguar Mark 2 3.4 or 3.8 (They just need a good clean, rather than re- chroming)

A set of Jaguar Mark 2 or Daimler V8 door handles and buttons

Hopefully, at least some of these items will be useful to members of the club, as it would be a shame if they were just thrown on a rubbish tip. I live in a retirement home and don't have a mobile phone at the moment, but I check my e- mail twice a day.

ph: | m:


E-Type Hardtop for Sale

E-Type hardtop to suit Series 3 V12 Roaster in good condition. It has been in my possession for 47 years. First time offered for sale. Priced to sell.


ph: | m: 0416 007 928 


Jaguar Mk V Parts

Absolute bargain pricing. 
Front and rear doors, $100.00 
Front guards,  $150.00 
Rear guards, $50.00 
Bonnets, side panels $50.00 per piece. 
Plus most other  body parts. Many, many mechanical parts, all cheap.

Refer to list

ph: 9313 5833 | m: 0418 274 123


Jaguar Wiring Schematics

I have been reproducing Jaguar wiring schematics in colour since 2011.  Below is a list of available schematics & model extracts on request, all schematics are a modern format – less cluttered – away from the old ISO style.

XJ 6: -  Series 1 - 1968 to 73; Series 2 1973 to 79;  Series 3 1979 to 86; Series 3 1987

XJ12: - Daimler  D 6 – Saloon - Sovereign – Coupe. Series 1 & 2, S3- saloon & Coupe to 1988.

XJS-V12  Pre 1981. XJS-V12 1981- 85

Mk 1 & 2: - Combined 1955 – 67;  Daimler  Mk 11 V8 250 & Sp 250

MK X  - S-Type & 420 & G combined

E-Type: - Series 1 -3.8 & 4.2 6cyl Combine; Series 2 - 4.2 6cyl; Series 3 V12

XK: - 120  UK & export; 140-150  UK & export

SS: - 1945 – 47 - 1.5 Ltr   UK & Export; 1948  1.5 Ltr   UK & Export

More schematics currently under construction. 

 Tech info & Library on web site, 

 Also available: - Headlight Relay Modern Upgrade (see web site)

For more details and to order go to

Or call Tom 0432 150 978  or email Tom at

Refer to text

ph: | m: 0432 150 978


Various Mk1 and Mk2 parts for sale

I have the following Jaguar parts for sale:

5 x Jaguar Mk2 hub caps  $200

1 x Mk1  grille and emblem  $250

1 x Mk2 grille centrepiece (new)  $200

1 x Mk2 speedo  $20

Refer to list

ph: | m: 0491 719 425 


Mk 2 cam covers for sale

  • Mark II cam covers
Please call for price.


ph: | m: 0408 678 872


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