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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

I attended the Terribly British day in Queanbeyan (chauffeured there in a vermillion Bentley no less!). The Jaguar Drivers Club of Canberra (JDCC) had a great roll up and I caught up with Highlands members Lyn and Daryl Miler and Donna and Wayne Lauff, but missed finding the fantastic editor of our JDCA magazine, Maureen Alexander who was probably with her groovy E-type. 

I was also fortunate to have a long talk with JDCC members Steve Stuckey and Geoff Klause.  They suggested that it would be good if,  from time to time,  if our two groups did some drives together.  I thought this was a great idea so I will work with them to make sure this happens in 2022. Steve has sent me a flyer for their March event so please have a look and contact the organisers direct if you want to attend.  He also attached a copy of their current magazine . So enjoy reading.

As always. please let me know of any suggestions you may have for where we could go on our prowls.   Our events are held in every second month as the Illawarra Register has events in the alternative months that you may wish to attend.

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