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PETITION to abolish the Luxury Car Tax on Historic cars

Web Administrator - Monday, November 25, 2019

Why Australia’s Luxury Car Tax must be removed from Historic Cars

1) Australia has no car industry – there is nothing left to protect, and in the case of historic vehicles there never was.  Accordingly, LCT makes no sense on historic vehicles. 

2) Australia's motoring heritage and historic vehicle fleet is part of our national identity and deserves to be protected.  The LCT means our taxes are so high on importing a car that we only ever lose historic cars we hardly ever gain them.  

3) LCT on the importing of historic cars raises less than ¼ of 1% of the total LCT tax collection.  More tax will be raised from those interested in historic cars importing them and paying GST than the amount of LCT foregone. 

4) Our historic vehicle repairers and restorers employ people, particularly in regional Australia, thereby maintaining and creating jobs.  More jobs will be created without LCT on historic cars.  

5) The owners of historic cars restore, maintain and use their cars.  Their “recreation” means they spend money, often in regional Australia, adding economically to small towns and cities.  The removal of LCT on historic cars will increase owners spending in regional Australia.

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