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Terms of Use

While the JDCA is pleased to provide this venue where sellers can list cars, parts and other miscellaneous items, such as books, manuals, magazines and number plates. Similarly, buyers can purchase cars, parts and other miscellaneous items, such as books, manuals, magazines and number plates, plus list items that they are seeking purchase.

Notwithstanding the above it is important to note that the club is not involved in or party to any transaction between buyers and sellers and have no control or make any representation regarding the ability of owners to sell items or the ability of buyers to buy items.

The JDCA offers no guarantees as to the ownership, provenance or history of items offered on this site, it is the buyer’s responsibility  to make all necessary enquiries, investigations and relevant searches, in relation to any listed vehicle including, registration, ownership, any incumbency or listing on any written off vehicle register or register of security interests (including the Personal Property Securities Register or otherwise);

Sellers assume full responsibility for the content of each listing and the item offered including .the accuracy of the information provided in the ads, the quality, or safety of the items advertised. The details contained in each advertisement are supplied by the advertiser and are presented in good faith. Every effort is made to be accurate, but the JDCA gives no undertaking and accepts no liability with regard to any advertisement.

In submitting an ad, the advertiser undertakes to: -

    • Describe the advertised Item accurately and ensure any photographs submitted to be of the item in its current condition.
    • Comply with all State and Federal Laws.
    • Not to advertise any item that they don’t legally have title to, or have the clear legal right to sell.
    • Not to advertise any Item not located in Australia;
    • Not to submit or include any international contact numbers in your advertisement
    • Request in writing the removal your Ad if the advertised Item is: -
          1. Sold; or
          2. Withdrawn by you from sale

All registered cars must state the registration number in the Ad and the date the registration expires.

If the car is not currently registered or is on “Club” or “Historic” Plates then both the VIN and Engine number must be supplied.

One of the photos supplied should clearly show the cars numberplate or VIN Number

Ads for cars must also include: -

          1. Model details of the vehicle
          2. The year of Manufacture
          3. Engine Type and Capacity
          4. Transmission type
          5. Body and Upholstery Colours
          6. Odometer reading
          7. Contact Name.
          8. At least one Contact Phone number  E-mail address is optional
          9. Where the car is located (ie Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong)
          10. Finally a general description suitable for printing in the “Australian Jaguar Magazine” This is your opportunity to detail any and all the special points about your car

Classified advertisements are free to JDCA club members and Members of ACJC Affiliated Clubs for private purposes and $25 to non members.

JDCA Club Members and Members of ACJC Affiliated Clubs must quote their membership number when submitting and ad.

We also suggest you refer to the How to Advertise page.

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