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Engine : 3.4 Litre 6 Cylinder DOHC Petrol
Body Colour : British RacingGreen
Upholstery Colour : Red
Odometer : 9,020 miles
VIN Number : 511143
Registration No : 17628E (not transferrable)
Registration Until : 21/2/2024


Exceptional Recreation of a 1938 Jaguar SS100.
Meticulously crafted Jaguar SS100 hand built on the solid foundation of a 1948 Jaguar Mark IV platform. This stunning replica is hard to pick from the original car and embodies the spirit of the iconic 1930s sports car. The Jaguar SS100 is widely considered to be the first ‘real’ Jaguar, perhaps evidenced by the fact in late models, they became the first Jaguar to receive the iconic Prowler mascot. Produced for just a few years between 1936 and 1938/9, they’ve always been incredibly highly regarded for their performance, drivability and most of all as often being considered one of the prettiest and most iconic sports cars of the 1930s. This example will not disappoint.
- Authentic Replication: Painstakingly rebuilt over several years, this SS100 Recreation is an almost exact replica, incorporating parts from the original Jaguar Mark IV.
- Exquisite Craftsmanship: The handcrafted aluminum body, wooden frame exude the authenticity of the era - glass guards [taken from an original set] for practicality
- Powerful Performance: Equipped with a Jaguar XK 3.5-litre engine and twin SU carburettors, this car delivers strong performance, impressive torque, and a captivating period exhaust note
- Complete Package: Enjoy the convenience of a folding roof, side screens, tonneau cover, and half-moon windshields
- Meticulously Maintained: This SS100 has undergone regular maintenance, including recent oil changes, new tires in 2021, a radiator rebuild, and carburettor overhaul.
Call for more information and to schedule a viewing, genuine buyers only.
This car is registered in NSW on Conditional Registration, which are not transferable.

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