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1950 XK120 Roadster


Gavin King
02 4353 0744
[email protected]

Engine : 3.4 Litre 6 Cylinder DOHC Petrol
Body Colour : Old English White
Upholstery Colour : dark blue trim
Registration No : 12-913 South Australia


This Old English White XK120 is a rare gem featuring a 3.4-liter engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. Its history is as rich as its performance, being an original RHD Sydney-delivered car with a complete Australian record. From its origins with Brylaws, Sydney, it has passed through various enthusiastic hands, participating in rallies and events across the country.

The meticulous restoration work done over the years is evident in its excellent driving condition. The car has been refurbished with an XK140 cylinder head (G1807-8) and an MKVII engine rebuilt to standard specifications, including the restoration of the authentic early tall dashpot SU carburettors.

While the paint shows signs of aging, the classic Old English White exterior with dark blue trim remains timeless. The convertible top and all weather equipment have been restored to perfection, ensuring a seamless driving experience. More information and photos available at concours.com.au

Contact: Gavin King 024353 0744 E: [email protected]

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