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The Grey Gum International Cafe

Date: 06-Aug-2020
Capacity: Not Set (0% booked)


The Grey Gum International Cafe

8679 Putty Road, Putty

Thursday 6th August

This was originally to be a mid-week starting at McGraths Hill

Due to COVID-19 Restrictions this cannot now be held as a Club event. 

A rendezvous at McDonalds at McGraths Hill is out of the question and we no longer have a booking at the venue.

However, the Grey Gum cafe will be open on 6 August and it has a large number of outdoor tables under cover spread out over acreage. 

The social distancing rules can be observed as no table caters for more than 8 persons.

The cafe is approximately a one hour drive north of Windsor on the Putty Road and is well sign posted.

Persons who choose to go for a drive are welcome to drop into the cafe for lunch or a coffee from midday.

Please note if you choose to go for a drive on the day and you are travelling in a vehicle on conditional registration you will need to record the trip in your logbook as this cannot now be considered a Club event.

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