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Conditional Registration of Historic Vehicles in NSW

General Information

In each State of Australia Vehicle Registration is controlled by that States Appropriate Governing Body. In NSW that body is the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) previously called the RTA.

Under the Passenger Transport Act 1990 Historic vehicles manufactured 30 or more years ago are eligible for conditional registration;

Regulations in Summary

  • Your vehicle Must have been manufactured 30 or more years ago
  • You must be a current financial member of an RMS approved Historic Car Club such as the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia (JDCA)
  • Your vehicle must be inspected by an inspector from the Historic Car Club of which you are a member and meet the RMS criteria
  • Your registration must be endorsed by the appropriate representative of the Historic Car Club of which you are a member prior to driving the car
  • Your vehicle can only be used for Club events that are listed in the Club’s monthly magazine, including displays for Club promotional purposes as agreed by the Committee. Attendance at the Club's general meetings and committee meetings. Or events conducted by other Clubs from which an invitation has been received by the Historic Car Club of which you are a member.
  • Please note that holders of Conditional Registration Plates are reminded that the use of the vehicle other than that stated in the RMS policy, renders the vehicle unregistered and uninsured. Remember you must carry your registration papers, Club membership card and Club magazine with you in the car at all times.
  • Conditional registrations cannot be transferred. If you sell the vehicle, the conditional registration must be cancelled and the plates returned. The new operator can then apply for a new conditional registration.
  • If you cancel your Conditional Registration for any reason there is no refund for the number plate or administration fees. However, a Cancellation Letter will be sent so that you can have the unused portion of your CTP insurance refunded.
  • Note: -  In some circles Conditional Registration is also refered to, or called Historic Registration, or alternatively Conditional Historic Registration.

JDCA Members can find more information in the “Members Only Area” of this web Site. Please log in and download the file.

Extra note: -

Roads Minister Duncan Gay recently announced that the NSW Roads and Maritime Services have developed a Classic Vehicle Log Book trial for vehicles which qualify for conditional historic registration (30 years or older and used for recreational purposes).

A 2 year trial period commenced 1st October 2015 and provides a Log Book allowing Historic Registered vehicles up to 60 days of general use and maintenance, on a pro rata basis of a registration period

Full details of the trial can be found on the RMS site at;

It is important to note that this trail is only available to cars that qualify for conditional historic registration and the owner is a financial member of a club that has registered to participate in the scheme (such as "The Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia").

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